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Growth of expenses of education of outside school of family of dweller of Hangzh

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Investigation makes clear, the defray fast vigorous growth that child outside school teachs family of dweller of urban district of Zhejiang province Hangzhou since this year.
Group of air of Hangzhou city town is right a few days ago the sampling investigation data of 600 dwellers family shows the urban district, in January - urban dweller average per capita can control income September 14657 yuan, defray of sex of consumption of average per capita 10614 yuan, compare respectively the corresponding period grew 14.9 last year % and 3.4 % . From urban dweller consumptive circumstance looks, average per capita teachs defray to continue to maintain rapidder growth, january - amounted to 1061 yuan September, grow 10 compared to the same period

.9 % , outstanding performance grows in expenses of education of dweller family outside school swift and violent.

According to Hangzhou city town the resident that move a team is in the introduction, intellectual economy times is taught more it is important to show, a lot of families create better learning environment for the child as far as possible, ask family education to make up a missed lesson for the child, let of all kinds knowledge, talent grooms on the child of the class increasing. Investigation shows, january - urban dweller average per capita groomed September an expenses expenses 198 yuan, grow 87.2 % compared to the same period, defray of average per capita of family education cost 53 yuan, grow 74.7 % compared to the same period, urban dweller buys educational software defray more than last year the corresponding period grew 1.9 times.

And meanwhile, compulsory pedagogic sundry fees, teaching material expends defray to drop apparently. Investigation shows, january - obligation of urban dweller average per capita is pedagogic September incidental expenses defray 87 yuan, drop compared to the same period 11.2 % , school textbook and reference book defray drop 34 % , defray of other teaching material drops 33.1 % .

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