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Winter vacation take lessons after school expends 100 million yuan of students t

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Winter vacation take lessons after school: What the student goes all out is mental, what parents go all out is financial capacity
Although before winter vacation, about sectional repeated orders, prohibit school of middle and primary school offers class of take lessons after school with all sorts of name, but the reporter discovers however, a lot of students still are carrying satchel on the back, “ drives the ground like field ” to study of all sorts of class of take lessons after school, english class, maths class, artistic specialty class is become most suffer chase after the class of take lessons after school that hold in both hands.

Litres winter vacation is small student of take lessons after school grooms first fight bravely year of root (graph)

“ enters good junior high school now, where home does not take an examination of abstruse number and English? Although ” feels distressed to just went up the child of 4 grade, but Ms. Zhang or “ are cruel-hearted ” signed up for abstruse number and class of English take lessons after school to the child. Resemble Ms. Zhang such parent is not minority, parents are fond of the child, be fond of money, be fond of time, but everybody dare let the child pass really one
“ is relaxed, pure the winter vacation that enjoys ” . “ competition is too intense, without method. Ms. ” Ms. Zhang shakes shake one's head.

Certificate grade successively take lessons after school of high student winter vacation is busy

On January 23, the middle and primary school of Beijing still is undertaking final, and in the forum on the net, parents are reminding what do not miss exam of communal English grade to sign up each other, “ today is the last day that exam of countrywide English grade signs up, the parent that did not sign up to the child wants to clutch! ” still has a parent imparting experience: “ learns in a lot of Beijing keys, communal to having English the child of 3 class certificate, avoid try enter a school. ” is in several days ago, take achievement to attend litres “ is small to catch up with first ” choose, many 6 grade children are busy sign up the ” of “ last bus that grade of English of crowded whole nation takes an exam, because have the case that block up and cannot login,cause webpage signing up for a time.

The certificate that “ communal English takes an exam had become litres ‘ is small first the pass of ’ , is the child taken an examination of how to go? Although ” has hostage doubt whether does such English exam suit the child to attend, but fall in the baton of ” of doorsill of “ enter a school, parents can darling give in. The reporter understands, nearly two years, the pupil that attends exam of communal English grade is increasing. 2005, about more than 53 thousand 6 middle and primary school that reach 15 years old are born attended PETS exam, exceed the 60 % of gross signing up, among them what 100 people attend is PETS3 class exam even. And the PETS last year September takes an exam, the form of adult is lost sight of almost in examination room.
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