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Winter vacation take lessons after school expends 100 million yuan of students t

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The middle school does parent of student of class of take lessons after school to entreat stealthily fasten exposure

As enter oneself for an examination the addition of the number, the level of the exam also subsequently when the river rises the boat goes up too. The certificate of “ students grows in intensity than going all out, the demand of the school is higher and higher also. Took an examination of one class to be used with respect to the canal before, the child that can take out 3 class letter now is increasing, can let the child continue to check 2 class, 3 level only then. ” parents are planted to this although the phenomenon is helpless, however also choice of have no way. The reporter understands, the one class that communal English grade takes an exam is equivalent to level of high school enter a school, and reach 2 level, english level satisfies the requirement that enters institution of higher learing to continue to learn basically, and the exam that 3 class take an exam to be able to replace phase of undergraduate course of self-study the university entrance exam.

March is an exam month, month that take testimony. “ hoped cup ” takes an exam on March 18, with 25 days communal English took an exam on March 24, ” of golden cup contest also is in the “ Hua Luogeng of calendar year this moment. Below this kind of circumstance, winter vacation makes the period of time of best take lessons after school before the exam. Although also be the grievance of skinful, helpless,mix feel distressed, parents still are taking the child to rush about it is among classes of all sorts of take lessons after school.

Costly take lessons after school shows the parent again and again but suffering follows suit

Winter vacation take lessons after school, what students go all out is mental, and what parents go all out is financial capacity. “ a winter vacation, class of take lessons after school, those who throw is the parent the salary of a month ah! ” speaks of these, a lot of parents sigh with emotion say, it is ” of firewood of “ of parents of pitiful the world really!

The reporter understands, beijing field is at present little English grooms charge is on average horary 60 go to 80 yuan, and a few name are bigger receive 200 yuan or so. Beijing some grooms the school once had undertaken investigating to parent of a few children, the parent of 80 % expresses, the English that they cost every year on child body is special groom charge is in 3000 reach 4000 yuan.

Groom with adult English different, student English grooms collect fees difference is bigger, from hundreds of yuan consummate 10 thousand yuan, plain code marks a price, none ambiguous. What center of Yo of the be religious when 21 centuries of Beijing introduces from the United States is little English grooms teaching material, cost of glossy teaching material is as high as nearly 20 thousand yuan. New east also rolled out high price to groom, one hour 1500 yuan, one day learns two hours, centralized study 3 to 4 months, calculate in all come down, the study charge of a child is controlled in 300 thousand yuan at least. And it is on markets of a few high-end take lessons after school, the parent that spends 100 thousand yuan of charge to engineer long-term English meticulously to study a plan to the child is absent a few.
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