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Winter vacation take lessons after school expends 100 million yuan of students t

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1500 yuan a hour, this charge still is not highest, the Chen Yifeng of the school that carry fraction opens your thinking ” to be catchword with “ blast, a hour collects fees achieved 2600 yuan. The reporter calls to the school that carry fraction when the inquiry, the other side expresses, a class hour 2600 yuan, it is 40 class hour in all, complete set course finish altogether to need 104000 yuan.

Besides English special take lessons after school, the class of take lessons after school of other courses also the price does not poor. Beijing superior teachs the controller of the company to express, with Chinese, maths, foreign language these a few should try course to be exemple, acquire high school as a child, every course the charge of every hour is 50 control to 150 yuan. With a student everyday two hours, a holiday coachs 20 days to calculate, the charge of a course should go to 6000 yuan or so in 2000 yuan.   

Although so high cost, the student a bit that attends take lessons after school did not decrease. One hour collects fees the “ Li Mu that controls in 1000 yuan learns law ” independently, winter vacation coachs class of class high school 400 quota of people are already entire all seats taken. With “ man-to-man coach ” is those who sell a site to coach the class still is done not have in winter vacation in the begining, had not signed up go up.

Not only the student of Beijing works overtime in “ ” ground makes up a missed lesson, nonlocal student also does not have at a loose end. As we have learned, the other place learns the circumstance of class of the take lessons after school on inborn Beijing to also grow in intensity in recent years, the price of the class of take lessons after school that offers room also follows one of road whirlwind to rise.

Winter vacation take lessons after school or work is hard drop in temperature on 100 million markets are waited for dig gold

An investigation that the channel of exam of net of center of news of network of Tecent of combination of center of investigation of society of Chinese youth newspaper, sina, net that inscribe a guest carries out jointly shows, of 52.2 % suffer the person that visit to fill to teaching sectional “ to ban your ” expresses clearly to object, the person of 38.6 % feels even, if oneself are student parent, no matter whether collect fees, can encourage the child use after school time to make up a missed lesson. And “ says whats do not fill the person of ” occupies 14.4 % merely. Look reach, winter vacation makes up a missed lesson to had become the issue of ” of of course of the “ in numerous parent heart.

The reporter interviewed the parent of 5 groups of different levels and class of take lessons after school, investigate an analysis via sampling, at present Beijing has middle and primary school to give birth to left and right sides of about 1.2 million person, class of the take lessons after school on the person that if have 4,becomes or ask family education, that is 480 thousand person, with winter vacation of a child average take lessons after school expends 300 yuan of computation, winter vacation makes up a missed lesson the market is a big cake that contains Troy to be as high as 140 million yuan. Ecbolic of this market, it is the parent and student round the ” of policy of “ enter a higher school that turn. In the Beijing “ that just ends on two meetings ” , this problem is put forward by delegates of a few National People's Congress. Liu Yongsheng of president of Chong Wen's round representing, bright elementary school expresses, at present junior high school enters period and check without uniform standard, school of a few junior high school uses the nominal “ such as experimental class to each does things in his own way ” recruit students, forcing parents can look after children only go attending to multifarious take lessons after school grooms and be measured check, interview.
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