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Shenyang appears " accompany more " family education monthly pay can amount to 5

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Spend the New Year not to come home I save college “ to stay behind a group of things with common features ” amounts to 6000 people this year
Yesterday morning, of major of Chinese of Shenyang Normal University big in the team of family education to apply for a job that 3 students Zhang Ming stands below culture crossroads, home “ is in Xinjiang, answer one secondary many 1000 money, leave this money for the province, the Spring Festival did not come home this year. ” Xiaozhang says, the nonlocal classmate that like him such Spring Festivals cannot come home still has the school many.

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The understanding in interviewing arrives, this year this city each college “ stays behind a group of things with common features ” has 2000 people left and right sides about, and the preliminary estimation that visits educational office shows, spring Festival complete province predicts to to major general campus of more than 6000 undergraduate staying behind does not come home this year, occupy about because of the undergraduate of difficulty of domestic far economy among them 7 into, and to prepare for war the graduate student second-round exam after the Spring Festival chooses to learn “ to charge the undergraduate of ” is occupied about 20% the left and right sides.

Department of student of Shenyang Normal University says, the school was on winter vocation early, but to now still on 1000 students are in school. This has among them quite because journey is distant,one part student is, family circumstances poor and the choice stays school, they hope to be able to work in holiday earn money allowance lives.

Make money as undergraduate staying behind most does market of family education of staple market —— have He Xin to change this year? Yesterday, the reporter investigates discovery, one kind is in ” of arisen new breed of family education “ got the parent and “ stay behind a group of things with common features the favour of ” : This is besides teach textbook knowledge, outside taking care of middle and primary school to give birth to the life, still must accompany play, accompany a little, accompany practice. And, shenyang city parent also nots hesitate in succession heavy gold invites such “ to accompany ” family education more for the child.

Yesterday, the reporter sees in center of homemaking of guild hall of Shenyang city woman, pure family education has begun “ slow-moving ” , and “ accompanies prices of ” family education more bullish, monthly pay by original 800-1000 yuan go up 1500 reach 5000 yuan.

The land gentleman that lives in stage of stone of Shenyang city tiger tells a reporter, small Nan is reading its singleton junior high school one grade, the job that Yours Excellency at ordinary times is very busy, very rare time accompanies him. Gradually, the disposition of small Nan appears dissocial, disagreement group, so land gentleman hopes to look for a figure health, all-round undergraduate to make the child's teaching in home, hope child can acquire a homework beyond more precious thing. Yesterday, the reporter learns, land gentleman had found an an outstanding student, begin try out, if the condition is appropriate, will give out monthly pay 5000 yuan high price, as corresponding as high pay of course, it is to open a “ to impart study a method, can raise the ” of “ good target such as study result ” finally.
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