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Shenyang appears " accompany more " family education monthly pay can amount to 5

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The Zhao manager of center of homemaking of guild hall of the woman that occupy town introduces, “ accompanies family education ” more is the service of part-work and part-study system that this city provides for the undergraduate first, it is homemaking and the new trial that family education photograph joins. Up to now, already more than 300 undergraduate is registered sign up, be chosen in succession. These undergraduates are had entirely only, record of formal schooling of undergraduate course above, the computer and foreign language are in 3 class above, not only achievement is outstanding, and all-round.

As we have learned, this kind of burgeoning family education means, also get general welcome of the undergraduate. Agricultural university is big 2 especially tired unripe Wang Ming tells a reporter, he already by pitch on of a parent, if successful, accompany when family education read earn the money that come enough the tuition that pays 1 year. Shenyang Normal University is big 3 students Cheng Xiaoxia says, current, she is accompanying 8 years old of one girls to read, amuse oneself, much more relaxed than before, monthly pay also rises reach 1500 yuan.

Be aimed at this year trend of demand of family education market, zhang Xihua expresses deputy secretary-general of society of expert of Shenyang city education, “ accompanies the development of family education ” more, what can satisfy student and society is various demand. It is reported, this kind acts as of the family education new pattern of ” of part of parent of one part “ be born, will widen greatly the eye shot of family education industry, will cause not little impact to traditional teaching in home.

Investigate a safety administration to become “ soft costal region”

A few teachers and student think, college holiday cannot again the ” that “ put, undergraduate holiday manages the one part that also ought to be college management job, undergraduate of “ winter vacation is in the relatively comfortable position that the school and family superintend, accordingly, a lot of illegal elements are stared at went up the undergraduate ” that the society enters first.
Liaoning saves an expert that teachs an academy to tell a reporter, be aimed at the undergraduate of campus staying behind, school just should undertake administrative from many respects, small arrive to use guard against theft of report, fire prevention with water, arrive greatly be on guard the contradictory conflict between the student upgrades, need of all without exception is severe add government. Accordingly, to him undergraduate for, should raise safety to be on guard consciousness.

Act an integrated punish should do well

Higher education is in province education office to pay close attention to the life of college undergraduate staying behind and safe problem highly, the public service facilities such as reading room of the classroom that asks to save a college completely, books should time open to the student; Should do well defend cold heating work, provide the food of economic material benefit, it is good to make be eaten raw in school college, live warmly.
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