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Shenyang appears " accompany more " family education monthly pay can amount to 5

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According to introducing, during I save requirement Spring Festival, each municipal government reachs concerned branch to want cogent the processing that strengthens pair of schools and circumjacent environment, each college should arrange good holiday meticulously to be on duty the job, help work-study program of undergraduate staying behind, avoid a student to go out work be deceived, build system of perfect and of all kinds regulations, ensure person safety is born in school college.

Example piece the experience that be cheated is quite general

A classmate that a major programme of lasting importance calculates machine is professional east told about his experience to the reporter: “ , a parent lets me try tell, I let go many times again later. I think passed, but do not see the child suddenly one day again, go more, that parent is flat do not say reason, say to be absent, do not have a view already, also do not give salary. ”

And a classmate of another college tells a reporter, not long ago, they with the Department of Chinese Language and Literature has experience of 9 undergraduates staying behind to hire fraud, they copy 1000 words in “ hand, below the temptation that can make ” of 10 yuan of money, everybody is cheated to go cash pledge 150 yuan. Reporter investigation shows, a lot of undergraduate “ stay behind a group of things with common features ” ever was cheated.

Remind a student to stay behind need “ 4 prevent”

The province teachs hall to remind, undergraduate “ stays behind a group of things with common features ” needs to notice “ 4 prevent ” :

One, work prevent trap, undergraduate holiday works should prevent black intermediary and pass market a tissue;

2, work and rest prevents a disorder, the expert admonishs, time of abnormal work and rest can damage health severely, the student must have adjusted time of his work and rest during winter vacation;

3, groom prevent blind, should above all recognize oneself state, center energy to had done a thing;

4, the schoolgirl notices ego is protected, do not contact the job directly with stranger commonly, answer bedroom in the evening cannot too late, as far as possible accompany goes out.

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