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Hangzhou city is paid family education: Teacher " be partly compliant " the 2nd

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Every arrive double cease day, in the home of a few teachers of Hangzhou city, can see the student that Duan Yu as string of 1000 cash and joins in a certain fixed time. The teacher is done paid family education, be in Hangzhou already was open secret, phase of junior high school is filled especially. According to investigation, the teacher does the prices of family education, general each every time 50 yuan, a month comes down, income is little criterion thousands of, amount to on 10 thousand yuan.

Paid family education: Salary expresses the considerable income besides

Reporter investigation understands, be in Hangzhou, the teacher does family education to choose to be in commonly double cease of day arrive afternoon in the evening this time paragraph. Fly a class 4 times everyday, schooltime is controlled 3 hours, content has only branch and integrated branch. Of every class attend the agreement with little number 5, 6 people, be like maths, English more to wait advocate Kekeda 20 more than person. Collect fees it is commonly every student is controlled 50 yuan every time. A such months come down, the teacher income that makes teaching in home is little can earn thousands of yuan, much can amount to even on 10 thousand. Invite the student of family education, 7, because result is bad,of 8 grade basically is and have take lessons after school; And those go up to take an examination of good high school, and the 9 grade student with outstanding achievement, just be the brunt of family education source of student.

According to middle school of a key the teacher of understanding inside information discloses, for escape Ministry of Education the door prohibits with a few schools the teacher is paid the regulation of proclaimed in writing of family education, the student that did not use mutual him introduction with the teacher of the school, class accepts the method of family education in home of the other side, the method that hits edge ball with this kind escapes an inspection.

In interviewing, one has been done paid the teacher of family education says, for avoid risk, the teacher of a few schools does not with the price clearly marked to pay mark a price, reject to receive fund even, look like ” of family education of love of ” of “ free family education, “ . But arrive actually semester end, they shop with respect to the supermarket that can receive the parent to serve the “ gift ” such as card, execute covert pay fee.

Undeniable, most teacher is right paid the manner of family education is in charge of seriously. But also have partial teacher, take the step in ” of hold back a trick or two of the “ in normal education, serve as the capital that gets gray income with this. These teachers do not poor for what parent of not let sb down pays pay, meet normally be about to the title of exam, exam discloses a student to perhaps coach over and over the student is same problem, the false appearance of ” went in order to cause child of a kind of “ on achievement. Because some parents work busy, flat it is child ask sb to bring up one's child in teacher home, such “ bag eats, encase, the bag learns ” , child nature is ” of “ the advantage of being in a favored position, and those not it is inevitable that the student of such take lessons after school is in an unfavorable situation.
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