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Hangzhou city is paid family education: Teacher " be partly compliant " the 2nd

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In interviewing, the reporter understands, having a student hardly is to attend of one's own accord those who make up a missed lesson. They are the psychological pressure that hope children will have a bright future by force of the parent and vie each other commonly, must go attending what this kind of parent arranges to make up a missed lesson.

This teacher thinks, although the school prohibits this kind of behavior, but want student, parent to be not informed against only; And perhaps lease space in the family education in the home take lessons after school concealments the gender is big; Be in paid respect, obtain evidence again a variety of reasons such as difficulty were brought about paid of family education ban repeatedly more than. He expresses at the same time, paid of family education concealment of gender and be most willing to of a few parents cooperate, in certain level encourage this “ is paid the spread wind of family education ” .

Parent scramble for sth, teacher be partly compliant

According to investigation, parents let the child attend take lessons after school to basically have ” of difficulties that one is reluctant to mention of two kinds of “ : One kind is the job busy, be too busy directive, supervisory child learns, be afraid that the child learns bad again, can let hold the post of class teacher to use this kind of means to help “ takes care of ” ; But more it is the educational form that discusses ” of on any account with checking branch by force of current “ , the child that is afraid of oneself is moss-grown in intense competition, follow suit sign up.

In interviewing, parent of 8 grade student Ms. Li expresses to hold with a teacher to the reporter paid family education. She says: The destiny that “ which parent dare take him child is become trifling matter? Photograph of teacher take lessons after school to undergraduate family education the effect is good, compare with photograph of class of general take lessons after school or work more can suit the remedy to the case, fare is relatively low also. ”

In the family education trade that makes ” of “ gold property gradually, with the traditional teaching in home that the undergraduate gives priority to, as a result of the person that offset is expended and teacher the regulation of right of both sides duty compares faintness, consumer is approbated to its degree smaller and smaller. And the ” of “ elite family education that gives priority to with especially high teacher coachs class, although sign up hot, but because attend class the number is numerous, the teacher often takes care of the need that is less than every child. And the parent is thirsty to the Qiu Xianre of resource of high grade family education, cause and other places of Hangzhou, lukewarm city to ever exploded a ” of “ day price the news of division of the given name that request the home.

And on-the-job teacher also has a painful topic to this, it is the student that achievement is no good really at the same time, it is the parent that serves red package actively at the same time. Do not make up a missed lesson for the student, the student does not follow to go up, light also is not had on teacher face; Do not receive the parent's fund, the parent is not at ease instead, think the teacher is not to disrelish money little, it is irresponsible to oneself child. And if want free land,dedicate for the student, the teacher also has a family to need to take care of, time of its after school also is precious.
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