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Hangzhou city is paid family education: Teacher " be partly compliant " the 2nd

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One does paid the ground of teacher call a spade a spade of family education says: “ increases the problem of income to exist really, but demand just has supply. Below situation of active ” of “ single-plank bridge, the pressure of the parent, teacher, student is very great, achievement goes up is everybody's collective desire. The opposition of the school is actually apparently, because achievement rises,also have very big gain to the school. ”

In our country active educational system falls, after the student rises junior high from the elementary school with carry out quality to teach better, because want to face pressure of heavy enter a higher school, together with is very much the person did not lay next solid knowledge foundations in elementary school, because this often appeals,study result in order to rise at extracurricular take lessons after school. Be in a lot of schools, 7, the student of 8 grade is round-the-clock Saturday making up a missed lesson already was the action that door of Ministry of Education allows. According to investigation shows, the pupil of junior high school of 88.3 % learns time to be 6 days every week, the student learning time of 60 % amounts to 7 days. And teacher everyday 10 hours are on average in school time, weekly average working hours is 53 hours.

Below pressure of current and heavy enter a higher school, furtive to the teacher paid family education, appeared such awkward situation: Parent scramble for sth, teacher be partly compliant, a few schools also are on the hedge, “ opens an eye to shut an eye ” .

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According to reporter understanding, hangzhou city Xiao Shan district had teachers of two junior high school last year, in be informed against to execute paid after family education, the branch moves check fact related classics, just made the processing of open bulletin however, end up with nothing definite later.

One is executed in the dark paid the teacher of junior high school with old teaching in home says, paid family education is the parent and society the affirmation of intangible to the teacher value, paid family education time is in teacher beyond 8 hours of working hours, pure belong to individual behavior. Try to restrict through administrative measure, since violates labor right of the teacher, also be the waste of resource of pair of high grade teacher. He asks in reply: Since “ is whole the society is held to college teacher part-time job good-tempered with encouragement attitude, why should be restricted and to why should be restricted and prohibit does teacher of middle and primary school hold two or more posts concurrently? This is inequitable to teacher of middle and primary school! ”

In interviewing, hangzhou collects president of middle school of carry on one's shoulder, Zhejiang to save Yan Guozhong of scientific and fancy teacher to express to the reporter, he objects stoutly paid family education. He says: Mr. “ is bearing the heavy responsibility of Yo person, their teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution to affecting those who leave generation to grow directly. Paid family education has caustic teacher figure, can leave ‘ knowledge to be able to buy the psychological shadow of ’ with money to the student. And the teacher's energy is finite, paid family education affects normal teacher and student necessarily, do the conscience that violated a teacher and professional ethics so. Additional, if when family education the student gave an accident, who assumes this responsibility again? ”
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