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Hangzhou city is paid family education: Teacher " be partly compliant " the 2nd

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Current, group of our country education prohibits paid family education more be regard problem of a morality as it, is not wait for in light of legal problem; Door of Ministry of Education still regards the substantial that strengthens construction of style of study as his. Union of Hangzhou city education provided last year " convention of Shide of Hangzhou city teacher " in point out hope teacher is not done directly paid family education. Paid to be being discovered to execute the teacher of family education, some schools can undertake to the teacher the thought is taught, a bit more severe stake that can take subtract teacher, let its make self-criticism on the conference, cannot attend advanced choose wait for castigatory measure, the clue is serious still can be made suspend class processing.

It is to prohibit, be still the standard is superintended?

In current education the environment falls, paid family education suffers controversy. It is should severe strictly forbid after all stop, still execute unlock conditionally, opinions vary to this.

The expert thinks, right paid family education, do what one knife of “ cuts ” pattern simply to prohibit, not only unscientific also unlikelihood effect. One paper ban is the exceeding negligence of pair of market demand actually. The teacher is engaged in paid family education, of need is a standard, it is the necessary limitation that is premise with assuring education quality.

As we have learned, nanjing of Shandong Wei lane, Jiangsu, Zhejiang always the concerned regulation that Kang Jun already published behavior of normative teacher family education. It is with Nanjing city exemple, the teacher must agree via the school, register in door of Ministry of Education rear can pursue family education, require the class hour of demarcate family education; The personnel that pursues family education cannot take on again the person that the exam gives a title and agonistic commissioner; The lead of various and of all kinds school is same must not be engaged in paid family education.

Zhu Yongxin of adviser of Suzhou college professor, doctoral student suggests to be in " pedagogic law " useful law prohibits the teacher holds two or more posts concurrently. He thinks, below the circumstance that at present law still has no specific provision, rely on some area only or learn to proofread a teacher to be engaged in paid family education make limitation and standard, have difficulty really.

A teacher of middle school of Hangzhou city some key thinks, paid family education will be long-standing inside proper time, if sheet relies on pedagogic self-discipline,be to this won't effectual. He points out: The measure with the basiccest “ is to carry out the bottom class in a kindergarten to change education, such 20 many students basically everybody can enjoy the individuation that has specific aim to teach. Students if be on classroom satiate, natural need not ‘ adds eat ’ . ”
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