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Hangzhou city is paid family education: Teacher " be partly compliant " the 2nd

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Professor of force of Liu of Zhejiang campus institute points out, the parent should change educational intention. Hope children obtains good achievement give no cause for more criticism in intense educational competition, but grow this to go down to often can run in the opposite direction, because make up a missed lesson,itself violated the growing of teenage student and cognitive law. Present middle and primary school is born below pressure of heavy enter a higher school to be able to 't bear heavy burden already, making up a missed lesson unendingly is the time that makes children lost last a little bit to be able to be controlled freely more. If things go on like this, the child's body and mind is depressed, exam achievement also may be bookish only very again.

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Nanjing: The teacher must not be engaged in paid family education violates compasses general to suffer punishment

Nanjing city new castigatory " qualification of pedagogic major technology evaluates a condition (try out) " regulation, advanced, middle school learns in declaring one class, elementary school is advanced and professional the teacher of technical qualification, in in-service during violate ethics of concerned teacher profession, hold the post of in-service fixed number of year to want to be lengthened accordingly to its, till cancel,declare. If violate concerned regulation, be engaged in be born with middle and primary school for the object, what be content with culture education is paid family education; Promote all sorts of the press, data to the student, teach complementary appliance or other goods, do sth without authorization establishs rate or raise a level, all defer 1 year can declare with upper part.

Teacher of Anhui copper hill is paid family education does not judge actor to promote and note record

Electric reporter Liu Jie reported hill of our newspaper copper on April 11: Bureau of education of city of Anhui copper hill published normative middle and primary school recently the regulation that on-the-job teacher pursues family education action. This regulation that will begin to apply from May 1 points out clearly, the teacher must not pursue the family education of any forms between working date, must not arouse, suggestion or compulsive student are accepted paid family education, must not teach to place class student is begun paid family education, must not use the school to teach education natural resources to be engaged in paid family education. Every is engaged in paid the teacher of family education, must not attend various and of all kinds judge judge actor and advance duty promotion first, cadre of school middle-level above is engaged in paid family education, via criticizing the unconverted after education, uniform discharge a duty, all be engaged in without approval paid the behavior of family education all writes down pedagogic individual sincere letter archives.

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