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Want to learn how to teach a child

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“ lives to be old, acquire old. The logion with this immortal through the ages tells ” people to knowledge is endless, lifetime should learn ceaselessly. The respect is taught in the child's family, do father and mother also get such. Otherwise, grow as child age, still lose his head really.

Information age, science and technology grows change with each passing day, all sorts of knowledge travel at full speed. The child learns in such environment, grow, can achieve new knowledge and progress everyday. My daughter reads in Australian school, in her intellectual ocean, be in harmony of photograph of thing square civilization. All without exception of her bearing of the way one speaks or what he says is penetrating a civilization. See all these, in my heart very glad.

The daughter is a still minor child after all, lack discretion to a variety of dazzling new, strange, strange things in the boundless universe, can suffer those things to disturb and deviate study target. This needs parental guiding. However, the parents that walks over from inside traditional pattern will teach the child of information age, easier said than done? ! In daughter eye, parental light knows U.N. is no good, you know “ flies even what is band ” ; You not only should understand Bush, know “ treasure even who is ” . Otherwise, she can feel your whats do not understand, you and the platform that her thought communicates can produce gully. Sit in even ask authority of serious response original poster when affixing, her hand is built no longer be on your neck, maintain a distance with you. Such, how do you still have education to her?

Home of the accept in neighbour a place of strategic importance has two daughters, be the same as with my daughter age. Meet every time, two girls greet sb enthusiasticly, very polite. Educational child may have foreigner to live absolutely really. When meeting, I always talk about educational issue of the child with couple of the accept in a place of strategic importance, hope from bit of classics is taken over there them. “ is difficult, mrs ” Mrs Sailina has experience ground greatly to say. “ they think him what is right, him what is good, the what outside is good also, only oneself parents what is bad. To domestic certainly, they have 1000 reason to be not accepted! ” looks, foreigner also has same difficulties that one is reluctant to mention with the Chinese in educational child respect. What idea is there? Mrs Sailina answered 4 words: Home “ has a plan. ” her domestic compasses is Baconian rise to still have really many:

1, the child should be respected and have deep love for parents, leave home in the morning everyday when going to school, must kiss with parental photograph, say good-bye, classes are over when coming home, must say hello to to parents, kiss with parental photograph again. Such is helpful for that reinforce the sentiment between the child and parents.
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