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Clever those who answer the child is opportunistic

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The little baby that a few mothers can discover him in daily life can make up unexpectedly excuse, shift the misfortune onto others, practise deception, if do not cross little baby to do what business, darling of his meeting “ says I am OK ” , or let him do bit of what business, his meeting find an excuse defers “ I assure to will do ” certainly tomorrow; Or install uncomfortable “ my a certain place is uncomfortable ” . Consider as children to these parents lying, in the heart very angry, but feel such things did not teach him again, how be met?

Actually little be not a day to be born to be able to make fun of what heart to employ what artifice, and these “ are practical the method of ” is to go middle school of classics of image write from memory comes. For instance: A child of 3 years old adopts the means of act shamelessly to let father buy wanted toy to oneself, father compromised, he succeeded a child of 7 years old can pass; the speech that says to let the other side feel Babylon (for example, “ are you me really parental? Feel you did not love my ”) to force parental compromise, can you say those who come to these are him child is comprehended?

Indulgent the future that your child play tricks can let them becomes a disaster. Why? At the beginning, opportunistic behavior can let little child only cannot work of opposite of bona fide face rises mediumly rise and fall volt, learn won't fear of this how independent processing, setback, even the difficulty such as homework, they can choose “ shortcut ” to escape a trouble, and this will become them to build self-confident, open-minded and ego valued obstacle. Possible still more serious is, every time opportunistic metropolis is corroded to the moral sense of your child a bit. Finally, the child with an opportunistic wont can cause domestic dispute for certain, make you are reduced to his degree of belief, force you mad. The proposal does not want again indulgent this kind of thing happened! How to avoid such thing to happen again, read article please:

The first pace: Discern

Usually children compare the commonly used action that has common sense, according to the circumstance choice of your child:

Lie: “ I had finished. ”

By mat seeking a person: “ mom said to do not have a relation. ”

Production excuse: “ I still think you let a little brother become this matter. ”

Use feeling: “ Is am sorry father (mom) , I forgot, do I kiss you as make up for go? ”

Use performance outfit to have pity on: I won't do “ really, beg you really really, help me do, mom (father)”

Turn over dagger to arrive attack: Who lets “ you do not help me at ordinary times, if you help me more at ordinary times, the fractional affirmation that believes me won't be so low. ”

Pretend uncomfortable: “ my head is good ache. ” ; “ my abdomen is uncomfortable ” .
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