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How does the parent teach the child

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To domestic 10 000 according to the investigation of many families makes clear, the child that exceeds half the number is dissatisfactory to means of him parents education. The child that has 31.09% does not like parents to talk with command, urgent tone and oneself; The child that has 18.05% is negative to parents, debase, him affront expresses dissatisfaction; The child that has 5.16% criticises parents often browbeats, beat and scold oneself. Ought to say, browbeat and beating and scold the child is the expression of incapacity of parent education child, the most foolish parents should not browbeat and beat and scold the child. Parental literacy rate is low never mind, the parents with literacy again low rate, can give the child reasonable, the worker can say the reason that gives a worker, the farmer can say the reason that gives a peasant, but cannot hit the child.
A kind of viewpoint thinks, in all professions, two kinds of occupational work is least of all ought to of error. It is the doctor treats a disease, once error treats the person dead, life cannot be redeemed; 2 it is educational child, once teach error, teach the child bad, also make up for very hard, it is not reversible even turn. Especially the country implements family planning policy now, a family often with respect to a child, if the child cannot grow into useful timber, cannot be a country not only, make contribution for the society, and to will coming domestic life also brings a lot of troubles. According to statistic, at present China has 8 000 at least 10 thousand singletons female, this is the mankind the thing that never has had on life history. Because every family has a child only, because this family is right him child whether the attention of the grow into useful timber, had been the problem that develops child growing itself not just, also matter to the happiness of parental old age, and the complex social issue such as domestic honor. So, the parents of front courtyard of singleton the bride's side, often value the education to the child more than average household. As a result of now the grow in quantity of front courtyard of singleton the bride's side, make take the child's education seriously more and more on the whole. This goes up in Chinese history, it is the phenomenon that never passes.
Value the education to the child, the parent must want to learn the knowledge that teachs the child, know truly how to go teaching the child. That is to say, parents ought to have correct educational concept, teach method and very strong education capability scientificly. Especially singleton female family, educational child is first time, devoid experience. Accordingly, must learn the experience with successful other people seriously, had made oneself teach filial plan. Cannot do a test to the person's education, can succeed only, cannot fail. This needs the parent to have very strong responsibility heart not only, right society, right family, responsible to the child, also want to have accurate educational method. Light is mixed by kind-hearted desire enthusiasm is far insufficient.
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