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How does the parent teach the child

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Domestic education is a scientific art. Say it is science, because must follow objective law; Say it is artistic, because teach object differ in thousands ways to be mixed as a result of the external condition that face,be, executive education must have random sex and creativity.
Domestic education is project of a system, need family, society and school assume an educational responsibility jointly, be coordinated well between each other and join. To the family, the educational experience that wants teacher of an educational expert, school and the methodological union that the family teachs rise, improve the skill that the family teachs hard. Only such, ability teachs good child truly. It is OK to have two such cases the specification establishs the value that inchoate education plans the child.
At the beginning of 19 centuries, carl of heart state religion Home Yo · power carry out oneself child especially exceed constant education plan, make its open 6 mandarin talk 89 years old, be proficient in counts manage to change, 9 years old attend a college, 14 years old catch philosophical court academician, 16 years old catch law court academician. The basis teachs the experience experience of own child, he wrote a book, the name is called " · blocking Er power special education " .
At the beginning of 20 centuries, the child Williams · that another father teachs him by this book Zhanmusi heart of · a place of strategic importance thises, make the elementary school on its graduates one year only, 11 years old take an examination of haing Buddha university.
Domestic education differs with what the school teachs at at: The school teachs main side overweight to learn knowledge and education ability, and the character that domestic education basically is pair of children and character undertake modelling. Although literacy rate is not high,have some of father and mother, but very successful however to filial education; And although record of formal schooling is very tall,have some of parent, but not successful however to filial education. The method that the key with domestic whether successful education depends on teaching whether do sth in the proper way, is not the knowledge of how many literacy that sees church child.
Accordingly, the family wants the specific requirement according to the child, make the plan of good education child. The issue that needs an attention particularly is, the need that does father and mother draws the lesson of the experience with others successful family and failure, but cannot the experience that copy word for word copies others, the child that cannot fasten a family learns to play musical instrument, my child also plays musical instrument; The child of others home learns a picture, my child also is drawn; The child of others home goes to school skip a grade, my child also must skip a grade. Draw gourd ladle by calabash, this kind of method that teachs the child is no good absolutely, it is won't successful.
Each child is different from any other children, constitutional requirement is decided by genetic element. Intelligence of each child future and the corporeal base that just can expand are not identical, parents is studying with understanding child the circumstance of these characteristics falls, according to particular case, make an educational plan that fits him child characteristic. Although the principle of domestic education and rule are identical, but differ as a result of educational object, must use different method and approach. Specific for, the method that the family establishs inchoate education to plan and measure basically are:
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