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How does the parent teach the child

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(1) understands disposition feature of the child, develop the child's good convention, opportunity that models sound moral quality and healthy psychology and method certainly;
(2) understands intellective feature of the child, discover the child's interest is liked, with an interest the hobby is given priority to, determine the opportunity that guide and develops and method;
(3) understands child health feature, exercise certainly, the opportunity that heightens a constitution and method.
For instance, the parents of Long of teenager undergraduate Feng Long, like to paint a picture from the child in, made the plan that develops the child; The parents of teenager undergraduate Tian Xiaofei, like poetry proceed with to undertake fostering from the child; The parents of teenager undergraduate Cao Yu, like play chess to begin education to exceed constant intelligence from the child. All and outstanding parent education to the child, it is in a planned way, carry out by the pace, because “ material ” is applied,accomplish religion.
When the parent is being taught and rearing the child, very important is to should let the child grow freely, own land develops. Must be inspired to the child and guide, must not enforce, do not restrain the child's nature, want to let the child learn happily, grow happily.
Recently, a lot of the press reported the growing experience of Ding Lei of 14 years old of teenagers of Shanghai. He is small off year discipline had gained two pieces of diploma, the diploma of English three-year institution of higher learning of university of Shanghai foreign language was taken when 11 years old, 14 years old took major of Shandong university computer to take an examination of undergraduate course diploma oneself. Ding Lei obtained the result that your person fixes eyes upon on the road of self-study, proved the mankind has very great study potential, inchoate education can be developed adequately really and develop this kind of potential. Also reflect an our country's active education system and method, still have the place that a lot of need improve. But, the study plan that fourth Lei family makes for him and method are not desirable.
Above all, fourth Lei father advocates “ learns the most important thing ” first, “ was used not quite later, what be short of to fill again what ” . Below the thought guidance that learns ” first in urgent need of this kind of “ , what what Ding Lei learns basically is the knowledge that passes an exam in the light of need. Because take the kind of self-study in great quantities, affected the normal study of the school, ding Lei just passed the graduation of junior high school to take an exam constrainedly, school study also did not go up again after. Can judge from these, the knowledge that Ding Lei learns, lack systematization and continuity, although in front some knowledge rate of progress is very rapid, also learn very greatly, but with sacrifice the study of other knowledge is cost. This is right he next learn, down to does scientific research in the future, affirmative meeting has very big effect, aftereffect is insufficient. We still remember the case of class of Chinese division big boy, just began the teenager undergraduate that recruit, it is the door or a few one homeworks only excellent, after going to an university, the school must use just a little year time will be them middle school of take lessons after school, even the knowledge that elementary school should learn. If the education to the child has the idea of eager for quick success and instant benefit, use the method that spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, this cannot be taken. Actually, elementary school, junior high school, high school, even university, it is fundamental education, distinguish very hard what knowledge is important, what knowledge is not important. Think normally, after the profession that pursueing clearly only and scientific research direction, what ability learns important rate of knowledge certainly.
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