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How does the parent teach the child

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Next, ding Lei often does not go to the school from elementary school, after junior high school graduates, teach oneself in the home from beginning to end, without the classmate's group, with with age the time that the child gets along is very few, lack the communication with the society, especially the child at ordinary times the mobile time of game, amuse oneself is very few. Whether to have bit of cruelty to a child that growing in development so, serious when the problem that can cause physiology and psychological respect. Type of this kind of segregation teachs a method, although can improve efficiency of a few study, but to the child growing is adverse on the whole.
Maternal Mr. Li Zhenxia of ” of Dr. “ family once had said: I have “ a student, do not let the child go to school, also do not let him contact a society, put in the home oneself are fostered, do not let him accept the education of the school. I had seen this child, thin thin, not be the child of an integrated development. Method of this kind of education is very narrow, even if parents is very outstanding, have comprehensive education impossibly also to the child. The child still should enter the school, enter a society, such his development road can go wider more. ”
The point of view that the talent such as ” of ” of phenomenon of as fourth as “ Lei, Liu Yiting of “ Ha Fo's girl teachs is opposite, a batch alleged the point of view that opposes education of “ talent ” is being formed, its masterpiece has: " I am commonplace, I am happy " , " plan of happy family education " , " go up why Ha Fo " etc. " I am commonplace, I am happy " the author of one book puts forward: “ wants happy fool rather, also do not want blue talent ” , “ wants dragon, be about to sacrifice the joy of child childhood; Want happy, cannot count on the child to become dragon. ” author thinks “ is commonplace namely happy, talent needs blue ” , the source ” that thinks it is extremely evil that “ hopes children will have a bright future, this kind concludes too simple rather, this kind of viewpoint rather too extreme. Want to know, may not of “ talent ” is blue, ” of majority “ talent is happy, they get pleasure from inside their learning the effort that grow, they not only now is joy, and their childhood majority also is joy. However, commonplace may not is happy, childhood does not participate in competition, do not go going all out in work, do not have achievement to feel, what is there but happy? After be brought up, lag behind at other, does can fast readily take the opportunity to rise? Can be a kind of distress only. Hope children will have a bright future itself does not have a fault, do not think the soldier when marshal is not good soldier, but not be to say must every soldier is become marshal. Do not think the student that takes an examination of Tsinghua, Beijing University is not good student, manage together, cannot think every student can enter Tsinghua, Beijing University. As the parent, hoping children will have a bright future is right, but do not force child into dragon.
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