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Devoid communication parent wants conversion to think

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Because backward utterance reduces child result,the parent of great majority is, just detect oneself child has psychological problem, taking the child to see a doctor hurriedly. “ oversight is evasive even can be found everywhere with the parent of child communication. Director Du Yasong says lab of behavior of ” center children: They do not know “ the child has what psychology problem, also do not know how to be communicated; And actually, each ages that grow in the child paragraph, parents should have decisive effect. ”

Of pressure of “ lack psychology release a way, it is the main reason that creates child psychology quandary. ” Shanghai paediatrics hospital is in charge of Director Gao Hongyun that children psychology seeks advice from thinking, “ is right for little child, they often lack expression and experience capacity, this period child's most efficient drain way is game. Largish child produced independent consciousness, communicating with the companion is more effective method. Without giving thought to what age paragraph, need parent conversion to think, the society listens attentively to the child's aspirations

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