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How to make our child becomes more clever?

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How to make our child becomes more clever?

Think: Clever be inherent acquired still education?

Is the children that exceeds constant intelligence had? Have, statistical result makes clear, the person that overtakes constant intelligence is occupied only 3% .

Everybody has heard of the old practice that hinders earth of Zhong Yonghe embellish.

Zhongyong is 5 years old when, do not know a book to provide, crying suddenly to want. Father feels questioningly, borrow a pen to give him, poem of his horse submit a written statement to a higher authority 4, its language color and consecution are all very good. 20 years old when, however “ die out like that everybody. ” why? Father benefit its like that also, day turns Yu Yi of Zhong Yonghuan call on's person, do not make learn.
Bissextile earth is have lively and substantial knowledge, bright, lovely country child. Know to snow the day catchs a bird, know to defend watermelon to prick badger pig, after more than 20 years, what did he turn into appearance? A broken terai is on his head, go up personally a paper-thin cotton-padded clothes, all over a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument is alling alone; There are bag of a paper and tube of a long smoke in the hand, that hand also is not the red work that I remember the hand of round fact, however thick stupid and craze, resembling is pine skin.
Contemporary very much family also is in the story that deducing Zhong Yonghe bissextile earth, from petty trick academic, be brought up to be behaved however flatly.
Conversely, constitutional requirement is not very good, have the child of physiology blemish even, through the parent and teacher teach students in accordance of their aptitude, the example that moves toward a success is very much however, for instance: Zhou Hong trains deaf-mute daughter the doctor that becomes haing Buddha college. Still have the story of the week of week of mental retardation children that can conduct philharmonic orchestra, wait these a moment to explain, of the person grow as close together as education relevant.

One, nurturance is good the habit can make the child becomes clever;

Wei Shusheng says, teach even if develop the student's good habit; Ceng Muju says, what is quality education? Tell a student in communal circumstance conversation is nodded in a low voice namely; Tao Hang knows a gentleman to say, 1000 religion 10 thousand religion teach a person to beg true, 1000 learn 10 thousand learn to learn to do true person. This is to tell, education should weigh the education that is used to in the student, want to foster a student to tell healthful convention, want to foster a student to observe the custom of public morality, want to develop the habit of student honesty be as good as one's word, want to develop the habit of elder of student give presents, foster the student's good study to be used to even, be like: The habit that listen respectfully people speaks, the habit that talks well, the habit that likes to read is waited a moment, contrary, bad habit, we should help a student try hard to overcome. Overcoming bad habit while, we should be divisional the bad habit with true bad habit and self-righteous adult, must distinguish treat. For instance: Some classmates like to start work make a toy, not be bad habit, not only want to encourage, the parent provides conditional support even; Plant a flower grass raises puppy, the student is OK hammer and tongs, we should give encourage, provide necessary help; Like to read a book, forget even sometimes had a meal, the parent wants openly guiding, do not stop with respect to tall suppress easily, it is OK to be returned conversely book of much try to win sb's favor gives award.
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