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How to make our child becomes more clever?

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Good convention does not enjoy its interest all one's life, bad habit cannot repay all one's life its debt.

2, the study atmosphere with good creation can make the child becomes clever;
Good study atmosphere includes:
1, quiet learning environment;
Should give the child a good learning environment, let him can undertake study in the one's own little world that belongs to him, parents also can use such environment and him to undertake communicating confabulate, present family often the existence of oversight child, always feel the child nots worth to be carried. Here and everybody tell a story: The child that has 9 years old is very unfortunate, as a child with respect to ear completely deaf, , the mother that loves him greatly dies due to illness, after a year, father married new mother to him, passed one year again, new mother should give birth to little little brother or little little sister to him.
One day, he goes buying an apple to new mother, encounter a friend to say to him: If “ your mom gives birth to a girl not bad, if give birth to a boy,you were over completely. ” explains for figure, his friend takes a good apple and a bad apple from malic booth, in him before than delimiting, conveniently threw away bad apple.
Tear was full of in an instant in child eye, later, his father buys a house for raise money, the stamp that tells his mom to leave him again sold, child pain extremely, he is new mom laborred, when he knows newborn is a boy, hospital of child mad rush out of, when the day shines quickly, fraught father and neighbour found the child before maternal grave of the child, the uncle of neighbour says: “ comes home go, the child, father worries about you very much. ”
But the child is choking with sobs to say: “ not, father besides the canal I eat, be in charge of me to wear, other and essential without giving thought to I. ”
Visible child is intentional thing.
The little song that Tao Hang knows is very interesting: Say the child is small, person caution is not actually little, if you look down upon dot, you are even smaller than the child.

2, sufficient study condition;

Of the person grow to have very big concern with the condition, this we are very clear. The condition is difficult, can exercise a person admittedly, but for whole, the odds of difficult person become a useful person still wants the condition low much. Us in one's childhood although living conditions is difficult, but have very good natural requirement, can catch a fish with next rivers, can go up hill is picked if really, can mix companionate people of full Shan Manye chase after run, so memory rises to still feel very interesting now. But our child is different now, experience the sort of life before us impossibly. Their surroundings becomes indigent, drab, a bit dull even, as the parent, should offer good study condition for them as far as possible, for instance: Plant a flower grass raises puppy, did you help him think way? Read a book for instance, the book can look? Than picturesque picture, are there paper and pen? Learn a kind of simple musical instrument for instance: Harmonica, dizi, a few money can accomplish, can you be these did we prepare to them? Without, we think this is indifferent to, how do you call him to play then? How to learn? I in one's childhood, my father sends me a Zhu Di, I the sort of glad, ineffable.
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