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How to make our child becomes more clever?

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3, parental study sets an example;

Of the child imitate ability the strongest, parental every act affects the child's lifetime possibly, imagine very hard, a child's can very good in mahjong sound study, grow healthily, imagine very hard also, the child's childhood can keep good memory in parental hubbub. We can imagine, the child is doing work below desk lamp, mom is in sit on sofa to look at a magazine, father reads newspaper in the study, this is a pair of how sweet and healthy picture, this is the family of a how sweet happiness, in such environment, can infer, the child is how happy! Do you say such child he cannot does health grow?

3, good integrated quality can make the child becomes clever;
In October 1957, before Russia the first orbiter goes up to the sky, astonish American the government and the public, the aviation career of adumbrative Russia is banner at the United States, what does the scientist that American begins to study Russia then have different, reach quite through investigation: The artistic quality of the scientist of Russia is general scientist of prep above United States. 1967, american government is contributive 1 billion call together more than 100 expert of domestic to undertake study, name “ this project at 0 o'clock project ” , representing American to know a blank to what art teachs at 0 o'clock. So, since then, the attention with school all-time education of the United States is integrated the education of course, so present United States teachs all-time prosperity, taking artistic education seriously not to have nothing to do with them is. Attend the haing Buddha university that the project studied at 0 o'clock to teach He Huade especially. Increase the research that Denatong passes nearly 10 years, discover the person has 8 kinds of intelligence at least: 1, language —— verbal intelligence; 2, intelligence of logistic —— maths; 3, intelligence of visual —— space; 4, intelligence of limbs —— motion; 5, intelligence of musical —— rhythm; 6, intelligence of human —— association; 7, introspective intelligence; 8, natural intelligence. This tells us, cannot one-sided look upon one the individual's intelligence, see the child's window more, pay attention to the interest that develops children in the round, this ability is the mainest. Beside us, have a lot of friends all-round, glib, can sing can jump, versatile, affirmation of this kind of person is clever, their growing experience tells us, basically depend on the education of interest, now and then the inspiration that the opportunity aroused us, went up with respect to the hobby from now on.

4, institutional appreciate is kind to life to be able to make the child becomes clever;
The child also resembles adult same, need is incentive, if our grow upping gets everywhere the discrimination of others, get everywhere of others censure, we also are met self-abased, also can carry do not start, the child is more such, need to encourage more, the child that grows in the appreciate of adult is full of self-confidence, be full of enthusiasm to the life, be full of interest to learning. Why some children are recreant be afraid of getting into trouble, why some children are carried to aught do not have interest, a lot of criticism that accept namely mix the reason censure too much! A child should go up team is senior, come home to announce good news with mom, mom distains the ground says, what does young team leader have marvelous, captain is returned in about the same. The header in be being become, come home to say with mom, mom distains to be considered all the same, what does captain have in marvelous, the child of neighbour or great team leader! You say this child is much poorer, no matter how it tries hard, do not want to hear a praised word from mom mouth.
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