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How to make our child becomes more clever?

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The person is real life, it is the demon of the world, be worth to we are cherished and be cherished, learn child of comprehensive ground look upon, appreciate child, should value lifelong progress of the child more, the person's development, do not make the mistake of nearsightedness, study result is good, admittedly good, but, present society does not learn you good to develop well certainly, take an examination of an university also may not with respect to everything is just fine, 2 million university is graduate last year, 670 thousand cannot find the job, found the job not to work well, of come off sentry duty also there are plenty of such people, between our friend, learning achievement good may not is mixed best, in school not up to much, arrived socially, however feel just like a fish in water, such example is very much, the electrician that I asked yesterday is the classmate of my elementary school, at that time is one of classmates that can read least of all, did not see ten years, be in charge of receiving charge of electricity in new bridge now, work to be free from anxiety seriously, electrical engineering technology is brillant, he says general electrician still does not have his level, this also is a kind of success.

Careful ascertain, must of this kind of person has his good qualities and advantage, the parent that so we regard a child as and teacher should develop the child's interest and interest in the round namely, the good qualities that helps him develops weller, such you squeeze single-plank bridge with respect to not need, everybody has his speciality, socially can base oneself upon, of course this is a kind of good position, but we must go hard so, must be done so!

5, read can make the person becomes clever.

If you do not know really from what why start to rear a child clever, so, tell you a the simplest way, a bookcase is done in the home, buy a few books to look to the child more, for instance: 4 names of China are written, for instance: Andersen fairy tale, aesop's Fables, bits the age is old, comprehension is bit taller, buy bit deeper book, and notice a method, coercing him to look, you should buy the book only put in bookcase, put in his the head of a bed, slowly he can not leave a book.

See a book can make your child clever certainly, I can buy insurance to everybody, any everybody, it is pandit above all, qian Zhongshu is contemporary old learned man, he well-reads, nobody can be compared, erudite and informed, be in harmony is met Chinese and Western, those who lean is extensive read, " middle " in had said “ is erudite early, those who cross-question, shen Saizhi, prudential, earnest goes. ” erudite ability is prudential, next ability earnest goes, so the ancients thinks, reading is the first. The ancients says “ book still medicine also, it is OK that be apt to is read cure I! ” so parents want your child becomes clever, very simple, the much book that buy a place looks to him. Our school also is building book sweet campus, appeal teachers read, appeal classmates read, read classical, back the analects of confucius, be benefited lifelong, so we also appeal parents also are joined come in, also read a book more, look more classical!
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