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7 code of conduct of competent father

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1. Helping a wife is the love to the child. Only such ability make both sides of husband and wife a few more relaxed, thereby more time and energy education raise children.
2. Give all likely time the child. Master time neatly, form the working life calendar that mature child exists.

3. Do not model the child with his mode. Let the child take his route, should not force him to accept your desire.

4. Do not conceal the seamy side in the life to the child. No matter thing how serious, want to give the child an explanation according to the child's age and maturity, know the fact through other way when him otherwise, may make the child perplexed.

5. How does joint research foster children with the wife. Obtain consistent ability to avoid error through talking things over, get the optimal education result that benefits the child.

6. Return childhood. Often accompany the child to play, spell a plan, build building blocks, perhaps be without a meaning to you, but to the child grow indispensable.

7. Father loves not to have valence. Often express your love to the child, it is happy to the child.

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