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Escape teachs complementary trap and error

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“ the extracurricular nowadays coachs the market is a bit random. Controller of orgnaization of ” numerous education all is opposite extracurricular coachs now the circumstance of market good and evil people mixed up expresses concern. Face items to teach subsidiary engine variously compose, how to carry for the child be at ease suit again coach it is difficult that the class lets parents make. The responsible and factitious parent of the compose of subsidiary engine of much family education on this second salon provides a few reference, still remind broad parent to want to notice and coach at the same time the class cooperates, do not throw educational task coach the school.

Domestic school combines child extracurricular to teach the thing that just does not teach subsidiary engine compose

Problem: Ms. Wang a person is in son summer vacation of 11 years old, not be to get online chat, go out namely play. Ms. Wang signed up for a few to groom to the child class, do not make him random run to go. Such parent is not in similar king lady a few, they thought to sign up for a class to the child with respect to everything is just fine, other need not be in charge of. But the malpractice to this kind of practice, yin Xiong of giant school president cited a the simplest case: Ceng Yu has arrived to a child went out to play to did not attend class before, the parent thinks the child went the school, and the school thinks the child still is in the home, did not have domestic school to be communicated in time between feedback with information, the class coached to become the child to sneak away instead on the good excuse that goes out to play.


Different groom the parent helps kind each different

In this salon, learn old century to teach Deng Jiang of vice-president of product of limited company of science and technology to put forward to want to pay close attention to child intelligence to develop, school of implementation Home “ combines ” , increase coach the communication between orgnaization and parent and communication.

1, coach the orgnaization all expresses to want to establish special teacher to be in charge of the expression in paying close attention to the child to be in the school feedbacking its the parent, the much home on salon coachs the school that the orgnaization represents him been takinging such step.

2, the parent can reach place choosing to groom according to situation of child seed time project, the choice cooperates means appropriately. The first, the student that grooms to choosing literacy class, the parent should supervise and urge after the child comes home they do work, check classroom teaching materials and note at the same time; The 2nd, wait for a theme to choosing sports, art groom the project, its are main the ability that the purpose depends on fostering the child to paddle one's own canoe, the parent crosses much care or visit can affect instead exercise the effect, but one, 2 grade child attends spoken English to wait groom class, the parent had better listen together, do not have because of the acceptance of dot so fast, the parent can undertake assistance reviewing after the class
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