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Common the educational method of a few sort child

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Net of Yangzhou family education is communicated in long-term design learning a way and heart in, bring into contact with the child of all sorts of different types, successful guidance studies a method, guide child give up undesirable habit thousands of. Below, list the expression of common a few sort child and educational method:

The first kind: The child with excess energy
This kind of child basically is behaved play for love, love to be troubled by, love fights, hard certainly, but they are cleverer good move, reaction is sharp, acceptance is strong. Educational method: Above all, want to establish good human relationship with the child, let them understand them are not ” of child of indocile of a “ , such they accept education and guidance easily in mentally. Next, want to let go appropriately, certainly is measurable. If certainly is too severe, not as right as their disposition, can be just the opposite to what one wished. Should give him certain freedom, proper mobile time and space. Again, teach patiently: Teach patiently namely with dredge, manage through preach, the ” of definite idea of a few “ that makes the child understands him not so good, not so accord with social morality and standard, abandon ” of oneself “ definite idea of one's own accord thereby, overcome oneself shortcoming, move toward the road that grow stage by stage.

The 2nd kind: Attend class the child of not absorption attend a lecture
This kind of child basically is behaved move more to attend class, amused, love speaks, habit of life · study is poorer. Educational method: Above all, parents wants training to let the child listen to be accomplished immediately; Next, in the life, the parent can train obedient ability of the child conciously, if arrange 3, 4 things, what to do first, what to do after, what to do finally, the parent observes whether the child is such; Again, the parent should train the child's attention conciously, speak with the child, the face that must let the child look at you lets; The 4th, the parent still can tell the child the small doohickey of a few attend a lecture; The 5th, the parent should ask as far as possible content of child repeat classroom, or talk about the question with in class the most difficult impression.

The 3rd kind: Go after the child of money and creature comfort
This kind of child basically is behaved wear for “ want name tagvisiting card, eat want high-quality goods, ” pays attention to food and clothing, some going to school should sit autocycle, tricycle. Educational method: Above all, him parent wants set an example, difficult and simple, the life experience that tells themselves child the age and story; Next, the parent should plan domestic revenue and expenditure to tell the child, seek the child's opinion appropriately; Again, effectively educational child plans to spend money, teach the child with typical example.

The 4th kind: To elder education adopts the child that is indifferent to a manner
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