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Common the educational method of a few sort child

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This kind of child is right parents, the division commander's education, turn a deaf ear to, when unheeded advice. Educational method: Want to let the child understand a pains of parents above all, methods of any a kind of education that understand parents, division commander are for their health grow; Next, want to have education in the atmosphere with harmonious feeling, eliminate their “ animosity ” , make they are willing to comply with teach; 3 should give the child the right with conversation, let him say a reason, say reason, even if be incorrect or truthless; 4 want much place good-tempered, after education, return meeting err responsibility, want to give amendatory chance, want patience, want to await; The 5 mood that are educational child want sturdy, line of action of two people speech wants parents consistent, some parents giggle, some is unmindful, some mention lightly, some sings each tune each, this goes against the education to the child.

The 5th kind, have the child of serious laziness.
This kind of child basically is behaved to learn passivity, exercise is not finished or borrowed, cause exam hand in a blank examination paper or cogged, the life is rambling. Educational method: Cloud of violet sew  wrings pilfer of beautiful of  of ass of Qia of baric collect chair to punish collect of appraise of Yong of ⒆ of coal of  grey  to bend over ⒆ of  of the Liu before Huang Wuwen of Zheng of enthalpy of porcelain of Song ⒁ Lv again sauce of Kang of care of ⒓ of  of  of deficient  Ping so apology of  of Hu Liang locust, parents wants to hold to “ to move only in domestic education with affection, xiao Zhi in order to manage, guide in order to go, perserve the educational principle of ” , in understanding child, family education method is paid attention to on the basis that understands the child, can teach certainly give an outstanding child.

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