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From please family education and do family education to see family education pro

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As the development of scientific progress and times, whole society already showed unprecedented interest and attention to teaching a problem, the competition of prospective society is brutal, more and more person hopes increase future to share the weight used on a balance that the society competes through continuous study, more and more students often are to was in the school to learn insufficient, time ask a family education to teach again in the home.

Speak of family education, no matter be to ask family education to still make teaching in home, have the classics that reads aloud hard originally. Above all we by let parents some of headaching “ asks problem of family education ” to mention.

Once saw the official notice that invites family education first soon in person in the campus of Beijing University: For an elementary school complementary derivative learns the boy of 3 grade, the requirement is the doctor that Beijing University maths fastens. This annunciate causes an in an uproar, the Master of a lot of science department, undergraduate students is very ill-affected: do I connect elementary school doesn't the maths of 3 grade coach? And the doctor that maths fastens shakes his head promote sigh: I still may not coach really elementary school the maths of 3 grade student, the thinking that leaves them is honest too far. The reaction of more person is: Does the Yan that kill chicken use Niu Dao?

A lot of parents have an error: Choose teaching in home the a bitth be about to choose record of formal schooling tall, school name is big. But in fact, choose a teaching in home, the key does not depend on fame big, and depend on closing improper. In resembling afore-mentioned example, complementary derivative learns the child that gives an elementary school 3 year, a manage science that just attended a college gives birth to the likelihood more appropriate, go after a school and tall record of formal schooling not blindly.

At present lesson burden of the child had been weighed quite commonly, if coach frequency too much, time is too long, make the child is in fatigue condition everyday, that result can be just the opposite to what one wished. Before asking family education for the child, the parent wants to be communicated with the child more, want to understand the child to need what kind of teaching in home, coach what kind ofly, not act on one's own, if was asked,improper family education can increase unnecessary burden to the child instead. For instance: Some family education will throw the subject library to give you, actually namely on the market those " ×× studies law " , " laugh be proud the university entrance exam " …… returns continuously to boast this is Number One Scholar of the university entrance exam of …… of previous term or session of before last of the previous term or session on “ previous term or session alone door recipe! See the most between filling class hour already passed, just explain slowly to you, and it is time arrives to stop namely, “ is about to know an outcome, listen to next answering to decompose ” please! Perhaps recommend the tactics that inscribe the sea to you, which problem won't tell which to you, give a student passively to make up a missed lesson.
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