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From please family education and do family education to see family education pro

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After asking family education, do not make the child beyond the mark depend on family education, the purpose that asks family education ought to be it is to let the child break away from the home to teach this root crutch, help child masters scientific study method. When if family education is a child only,doing work won't the answer of the problem tells the child, that waited to ask the person of course of study of affectation of child of a side then. Resembling such family education is harmful only to the child, and without a bit benefit.

After some parents asked family education, push the child completely to family education. Family education can help the child raise the study ability, study method that has mastered really, but of the child grow, what need most still is the consideration that comes from parents and care, make coach together with family education comprehensive plan of the child can make each other cooperation more cheerful, more the study that is helpful for the child and grow.

The parent should respect the work of family education. Some parents think family education is to oneself “ works nevertheless ” , OK the identity with “ employer ” applies a hair to make to family education random, it is incorrect so, can affect the child, let the child produce the psychology that a cut above others, wanton absurd is.

Do the undergraduate of family education, also be a big child only actually just, use make family education part-work and part-study system very not easy. Made teaching in home, the nearly 60% metropolises that reap profit by intermediary extort, him take out rushs about back and forth roundtrip travelling expenses and running stores, place remnant very few. Socially family education market control is confused, relevant law is not quite perfect, to orgnaization of family education intermediary character, its can do, just register the information of family education in detail and adopt further step impossibly to check. When the student begins to be contacted with the parent, all things can exchange views alone by both sides only come to an agreement, entirely of family education intermediary no matter, this nature is existing a lot of safe hidden trouble.

According to China's current law, the student works not to belong to regular obtain employment, the employ that does not belong to labor contract agreement with both sides of unit of choose and employ persons concerns, because this cannot be used " labor law " will adjust. And the interest that intermediary company also adopts measure to ensure a student without jural obligation.

The undergraduate makes teaching in home problem of its person safety, had caused wide attention of the society. Long-term since, because countrywide each district comes family education, the case of pedagogic be murdered, student be murdered is consecutive, the person safety of teacher and student is ensured hard. 6 years on July 24, heibei saves one female undergraduate of Shijiazhuang city Wang Jing (alias) enroach on suffers to die when making teaching in home. This year Wang Jing of 23 years old, read at provincial some is famous university, when making teaching in home somewhere to provincial capital several days ago, be killed, of the murderer commit the crime the method is very cruel. At present police is investigating this case with all one's strength. In fact, the lack of the ego protection consciousness of the undergraduate in this tragedy still is only on one hand problem. It is on the other hand socially family education market control is confused, it is better to can not offer a kind for the undergraduate the safer pluralistic pattern that fits them!
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