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How does the parent coach the child learns electronic musical instrument

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Interest is a kind of desire, and the joyance that implementation desire can make the person enjoys place to bring, and joyance can make person attention more concentration. Can stimulate the child's strong study desire, promote those who learn efficiency to rise.

However, the child is in process learning musical instrument, everyday Lian Qin of at least 45 minutes to anybody bear very hard, look to also do not look to go out temporarily from the effect have what profit, drill musical instrument feels drab every day, as dry as a chip, hold to hard, parents also feel to learn musical instrument true not easy. The opinion that expects to maintain the child to learn musical instrument with natural interest so is very difficult implementation. Arouse the interest that plays musical instrument only through all sorts of methods, do not break support, ability makes child unremitting ground practices. When the child behaves music with real feeling, the excitement that the sort of music brings to her and the effort that stimulation can make her ceaseless to seek the sort of mood again.

3, encourage the child to hold to Lian Qin

The parent should encourage the child to want to assure time of proper experienced musical instrument everyday. Want to help the child establish timetable of experienced musical instrument, supervise and urge the child is carried out strictly by schedule as far as possible, press a teacher the phase that attends class to the technology that asks to remind the child asks and practice and content. Make sure proper time is daily only exercise, ability makes they increase technical capacity stage by stage. When the exercise, the parent answers more is child consideration, when the child occurrence attention is not centered, when ability of control of not stable, movement differs the mood, by the child the decision rests and practice means. The parent also should notice the child's independent character, can coach more in initial stage learning musical instrument the child (with exceeding half the hour is advisable) , the time that coachs later should decrease stage by stage, replace not completely control child learning.

4, guide the child to practice with accurate method

Want to remind the child to use the method of slow practice above all. This ” that “ slow Lian Ke serves all technical barriers (Zhao Xiaosheng language) the biggest advantage of slow practice is there's still time want, preparation of there's still time, the feedback information that there's still time gets according to vision, hearing is adjusted and correct defect, mistake. The sense of slow practice is very clear, but of not slow practice however there are plenty of such people, its are as a result, executant can play a quite coarse music only. It is to open rhythm function to the method of disease, be in charge of them with metre. “ is some slower, you with respect to can faster ” (adage) , begin to learn, match, before checking level, must not forget this experience please.
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