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Shallow the education that talks about a student to oppugn ability and protectio

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Doubt is thinking is germinant, it is the foundation of creation, be brave in doubt, diligent at doubt, be good at doubt is a kind of good thinking convention. Accordingly, in English education we should use the means that everything can use, inspire a student to widen train of thought, think of be apt to to want more, raise doubts and difficult questions for discussion. Learn to must have doubt, learn expensive have doubt, little doubt is little into, big doubt is entered greatly, not doubt is not entered. A well-advised teacher not only should dispel misgivings “ ” serves as bounden duty, should encourage the problem that the student does not know on be used to of bold go to school to quiz more, final lane knows in an attempt to. But the student already was used to learn to pay no attention to only, any problems seek the thinking way of answer of a standard only, accordingly, the confidence of the interest that how arouses student doubt, doubt and the ability that education student oppugns are crucial.

One, inspire a student to discover a problem

Content of text of SEFC Protestantism material abounds diversity, information content is big, society of press close to lives and actual. Be in at ordinary times in education, want to often guide a student to observe the similarities and differences of language material, encourage him student to raise a question next, solve a problem. Be like: On SEFC Book I() there are kinds of such two kinds of expressions in Lesson 26, “…A Large Number Of Buildings Were Built. ” , “The Number Of People Who Lost Homes Reached As Many As 250, 000. ", I inspired a student to put forward such problem “What's The Difference Between “a Large Number Of”And “the Number Of” ? ” .

2, guide student much point of view to think
Our country traditional teaching often pays attention to those who admit a student to beg with thinking, and oversight the training of the thinking of the student that seek other, aeriform in the thinking mode that makes the student formed to secure, the education of the observation that affected a student badly, curiosity, imagination and initiative. Accordingly, the teacher should guide student much point of view ponder over a problem. If be on SEFC Book III() all sorts of wrong ways that the row in Lesson 15 narrated issue of alive bound grain to be handled, can make the best use of the circumstances, let ground of student much point of view spread out think, each airs his own views, talk how to correct these wrong ways.

3, the skill that teachs a student doubt
Zhu Xi says: “ only then read, sealed ” having doubt. Want to raise a question, raise good question, have perusal text only, study a text, perusal ability is thought of more. To develop the ability that the student oppugns, it is to want those who make student nurturance good to read a habit; 2 it is the limits that should let a student understand doubt, be like: Of new word and new term, term and sentence choose, of paragraph differentiate, the use of the choice of structural arrangement, material and punctuation mark; 3 it is to should foster a student to beg doubt in difficulty place, bemused place begs doubt, crucial part begs doubt, fallible place tries the mastery of a skill or technique of doubt. On classroom, can use the means of panel discussion, let him student discover the problem is reached solve a problem, oneself doubt level raises in practice. If be in
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