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Let the child be read happily

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Current, rear the child read capability more and more suffer take seriously, cheeper reads the ocean that can help the child enter knowledge as early as possible, widen the child's eye shot, edify the child's wisdom, the disposition of edify child, have very big effect to language development of the child particularly, carry out at promulgating in July 2001 according to Chinese Ministry of Education " nursery school teachs directive compendium (try out) " middle finger goes out: Of “ children inchoate read ability education to already was brought into the target that nursery school language teachs. Of ” education child it is the most important to read capability is: How to let the child be read happily. Because only what read ability happily to rear child read interest, also liked to read when the child only, read ability to just can get rising, and those who affect cheeper is lifetime learn. Through long-term observation and practice, how can my discovery let the child be read happily, can from proceed with of the following respects:

One, choice books respect:

1, the books that suits child age characteristic

If do not choose to suit the books of child age characteristic, again good literature work also the target that short of develops cheeper to read capability, the cheeper with lesser age should select the cheeper reader with picture or graph Wen Bingmao, or choice length is the shorter, delegate person that the child likes, OK yield cheeper me-too sound or metrical story, and the cheeper with older age can choose a written language the cheeper reader with more, longer length or story. Among them the effect that taletelling is having to cannot be ignored in fostering cheeper to read capability, taletelling can let the child's language, ability of the imagination that fosters them, memory, thinking, performance ability and creativity, still can help them form good behavior convention, establish abecedarian dispute concept. Because child age is small, taletelling must cater to their characteristic and interest, achieve the goal of education hard otherwise.

Like us the child of the class likes to hear a story very much, they should listen to 2-3 everyday story, just began them to just listen, slowly the content that they can discuss a plot, this moment, foster them to recognize problem, analysis problem and the optimal opportunity that develop its subjective activity just about. After learning a story when the child, meet special eagerly should become the person that tell about, we should notice those who listen attentively to them to tell about, let them experience them get the pleasure that pay attention to, also be abounded and developed the language of cheeper.

2, the cheeper with outstanding choice reads reader

Outstanding cheeper is read a lot of vocabularies that deserve cheeper study contained inside reader, if cheeper often is contacted,read reader outstandingly, the vocabulary of cheeper of as time passes can have very big rise, also can pass the outstanding disposition that reads reader edify cheeper. Outstanding literary work can contain the truth that a lot of is an upright person, these literary work can deepen cheeper already some right ideas.
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