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Someone says: “ family education is the thing that does not have prospect. ” , also someone says: “ family education cannot exercise a person. ” I however not so think. Family education looks be like a little job, it is very difficult however to should have been done actually. He needs you the investment of total heart, with the observation of the heart, can say small family education also self-restraint square field surface of the society, it needs you to had handled the relation between you and student, parent correctly, handle the relation of good time and money correctly. Can so say: The success of a family education, it reflected a side of your ability.

Through me the family education of this summer vacation carries out experience, I realize the intention of family education truly. If say special training course is school teacher church our, so family education this course is the parent however, the student is collective church our. Some words, some words, look be like understand easily simply, but practical experience goes to the person ability that should understand among them meaning to be experienced personally only however truly. Below 3 this years with respect to me family education experience makes summary, the person that the purpose is being done to give those only or has not get teaching in home is carried wake, point to for them point to a road.

The first, want self-confidence. I feel to one part classmate lacks a kind of self-confidence, a kind dare him conquer psychological self-confidence. Of course, self-confidence is to build what go up in actual strength. Had self-confidence, you just have an opportunity. Self-confidence also is mirrorred when you meet with student parent for the first time at the same time, you cannot tacit, you cannot wait for a family to quiz to you, you should hold active position. Talk your think of a way, your viewpoint, you should undertake actively communication with student, parent. Such your ability get taking the first key of the door, and most classmate is in this the first close to fail. Original parent listens to you to come from blame key university, in the heart very grouchy, plus you silent, more the rough draft that shows you enrages inadequacy. Fail also with respect to follow a rational line to do some work well.

The 2nd, if you were passed the first involve interview, should not abandon easily please so or pass on the first your family education, had held the first your teaching in home, can say it is you the first turning point with successful henceforth family education, this is the first your opportunity, you must have grasped this opportunity. Family education is a kind of chain-reacting, you teach well, the conduct propaganda of the obverse side that it brings, can say the parent's assessment, it is a window that we publicize.

The 3rd, notice ceremony, preparing lessons is crucial. The parent evaluates the stand or fall of teacher of a family, one is the student's achievement, returning is at ordinary times prepare lessons. Although have what action is less than since textbook sometimes, but the parent can think you are one very the person that bear the blame. Of course, necessary ceremony is indispensable. When taking the door, greet sb each other, good-bye says each other when going out, must have done every time. Accomplish, give a person the figure of a kind of high quality.
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