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Problem of mental health of high school student reachs the way to deal with a si

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One, the mental health problem that the high school student exists and cause of formation
World Health Organization is enunciative point out clearly again and again in recent years: “ health is to do not have body disease not just, not put oneself in another's position is weak, however a kind of body, psychology and social function all attain good position. ” because this, health of high school student points to respect of physiology, body not just, and should include psychological field. As the development of our country economy, culture, teach the progress of the career, especially as the shunt that should try education to be taught to quality, problem of mental health of high school student causes the attention that teachs each respect to take seriously increasingly, research and discuss. The problem of mental hygiene of “ old high school student that carried concerned branch appraisal in July 1987 and countermeasure study the task of ” shows, in 2961 students that are investigated, the student that has 16.7% is put in the mental hygiene problem with more serious move, grow along with the age and rise substantially, among them junior high school is unripe for 13.76% . Discover in the investigation and study that the introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad victory that Xiamen city teachs scientific institute passes states of pair of 500 students mental health and its influencing factor, have 49  the high school of 6% gives birth to existence to wear the undesirable psychology reaction of all sorts of degree, have 10  the high school of 8% gives birth to existence to wear all sorts of obvious mental health questions. Before before long, chen Peilin, Chen Lihua is in Wuhan city with self-restrained questionnaire draw-out many 1500 high school student undertakes investigating, the result makes clear, although Wuhan city high school student has the in order of student mental health of 50% , the student of 30% belongs to basic and normal limits, but the student that also has 10—15% under normal level, the student presence that still has 3—6% especially compares serious psychology to perplex. High school student of above circumstance specification is existing really mental health problem. Main show is mental health problem of the high school student moody, the mood is flabby, ego out of control, psychology bears force is small, feebleminded, lack is self-confident, study is difficult, exam angst, memory ebbs, attention is not centered, thinking is indigent, study result is flabby, be hard to deal a setback, adolescent closedown psychology, appear on behavior fight, name-calling, lying, exam fraud, be disgusted with learns, kip, serious occurrence self-wounding or injury person phenomenon. We can be above expression classify the following problem.
(One) study kind of issue
The psychological problem of because of learning generation is the body of problem of psychology of high school student, its problem has:
1. The psychological pressure of student learning is greater and greater, those who cause spirit to go up is dejected, bring about effect of inappetence, insomnia, neurasthenic, memory to drop thereby, thinking is logy etc.
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