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Problem of mental health of high school student reachs the way to deal with a si

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2. Be disgusted with learns is the more outstanding issue in studying an activity at present, the classmate that is study result difference not only is not willing to learn, the fellow student with a few better achievement also appears be disgusted with learns a mood. A when “ country teachs Yo committee responsible comrade says on conference, be disgusted with of high school student learns have 30% , some counties are as high as 60%” even. ① is visible, be disgusted with learns is a general issue.
3. Exam angst, the angst when the exam that encounters outbalance especially is more serious, appear even angst extensive changes an appearance. Affect and above issue basically is formed what teach structure, school to teach guiding ideology, school to teach a method by the school. In active secondary education system, the educational structure of our country is existing unreasonable phenomenon, the majority is average middle school, the knowledge that the student learns in middle school place basically is to take an examination of an university preparation, what rise an university actually is very few one part only, what the student is faced with is enter a higher school difficult, obtain employment the phenomenon with difficult, narrow outlet, especially what those achievement differ is junior be born is to feel all up of enter a higher school more. Sadness of the dead-end after a kind of graduation and panicky feeling are controlling them, this kind of circumstance is mirrorred on study, what feel study namely is heavy, be fed up with study, exam angst. It is too difficult that the disagreement reason that teachs a structure still shows education content, “ teachs press investigation according to people, the teaching material of science department of study of high school student of 80% has difficult ” . This kind of circumstance brought about ② a few students by detest study to develop to escape study, break away from the school to seek shocking stimulation, form a series of moral barriers thereby. A lot of educationist emphasize pointing out, too difficult teaching material will produce adverse effect to the student's mental health. The school teachs guiding ideology to also produced very big effect correctly to the student's mental health. At present a few schools are below the guiding ideology influence that goes after proportion of students entering a schools of a higher grade one-sidedly, cent is good, poor among the school class, the exam discharges the place, do the tactics that inscribe the sea, adopt a few education methods that violate mental health principle, education measure and educational measure. This kind of circumstance, on one hand, in the high-strung condition that makes the student's psychology is in a kind of intellective excess load all the day, cause student cranial nerve feeble, insomnia, memory drops, attention slack, appear a few unusual study action and habit; On the other hand, cause the anguish of student mentally to wrong view of the mark. Of the teacher sneer at, of the classmate despise even of the parent grouse and beat and scold, the psychology that gives a student created very great pressure. Then be disgusted with learned to appear, angst arose. Additional, undeserved educational method for example teaching method is not agile, contain castigatory sex, the psychology that also meets a student creates a variety of problems.
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