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Problem of mental health of high school student reachs the way to deal with a si

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(2) human concern problem is human concern issue also is the question with more report of high school student. Its problem has the following sides.
1. With concern issue of the teacher. Its are main the problem is a teacher the pay no attention to solution, distrust and makes learn production to be born antagonism psychology to the student, and the circumstance such as cognitive deviation of the teacher is pressed to what the student causes admire psychology, atttack the problem such as behavior. Middle school period, the teacher remains good cause of the student, just delegate, they hope to get care understanding of the teacher and love. If the teacher lacks understanding, patience and love, cannot offer directive help with enthusiastic manner, censure inscrupulously instead, student criterion will be disappointed. Have more very person, “ teacher lacks respect to the student, the undesirable manner that debases its value makes the student's psychology suffers serious scar. Student, especially high grade student often feels all these clammily, this also is the reason ” ③ that conflict produces between teachers and students. Below this kind of circumstance, the student has a kind to press admire

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