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Let the child learn to fly

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Let the child learn to fly  ——The godchild confess  of preceptress of a countryside
This is an Everyman that lives average life, a …… of still gets serve to do a few mus of plot of land for personal needs preceptress of rustic elementary school in education lets what she takes great pride however is: Oneself son Ma Chunhui saved achievement of first of the university entrance exam to walk into Tsinghua university with Henan. In the eye of equestrian mom, spring scenery is not a very clever child, take an examination of in, the university entrance exam ever had taken one step, but she never has lost confidence to the child, the means that uses oneself however accompanied a son to be on the road of the grow into useful timber. — complier 
Resemble the world all parents are same, I very the child that is very fond of me, but the line that I do not wish to let love to become a diversionary child, do not wish to let the child make a line that kite, I more wish my child does an eagle, more wish church the competence that he flies, let him himself hover. 
Lead one's men in an act, do the example  of own child
Habit of good life, study will make the child is benefited lifelong. Serve as the child allow teacher, parents must teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution, when the example of good child. Want pair of children only grow have profit, we do father and mother even if pay, those who abandon is again much, also be worth. I do not encourage  the child watchs TV, all the time since the news broadcast that permits him to take a fancy to center stage only, now and then have a look at science and technology to read extensively. Although myself likes to see spring of the operatic circle particularly, but should have spring scenery only attendant, I always close very reluctantly machine, let the child arise to be reluctant to leave too much to TV anything but. 
On spring scenery first temporarily, english achievement is not quite good. By chance he falls ill again in those days, do not heal all the time, more affected his English result rise. Although the level with me, it is important that I know English has many after all exactly, but I the heart puts read aloud: As a course, cannot let spring scenery lose English. Can the level of graduate of the higher primary school when ” of my “ Culture Revolution, how should help the child again? As the mother, I am very anxious. I still remember the morning Saturday up to now, cooking, do not know how, I am opposite suddenly
Spring scenery says: “ you take English book, you become a teacher, I become a student, you teach first teach mom. ” at that time, he but glad, , two, , two, very fast our mother and daughter begins to undertake conversational practicing with English. Very amazed ground asks spring scenery: “ mom, how do you learn so quickly? I say ” : You see “ my attention is centered more, forgot to Chai He is added in past kitchen. ” spring scenery realizes the fine that gave me very quickly to suffer from the intention. After hitting that, the son understood “ learns not to have disloyalty, learn one minute to capture one minute effect, to classroom 45 minutes want the argument of benefit ” , english achievement rises steadily. 
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