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What kind of person suits to make teaching in home

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Make teaching in home, those who lean is the ability of genuine ability and learning and ebullient self-confidence. Not all undergraduate suits to make teaching in home, does so what kind of undergraduate suit to make teaching in home?
A skill qualifications and record of service

(1) the foreign language is, department of Chinese Language and Literature, maths is, physics and chemistry are relevant and professional, or quite intentional to one of these 5 homeworks.

(2) mark of the university entrance exam is high, read at the undergraduate with key popular and professional college.

(3) reading a Master, schooltime is little, the person with flexible working hours.

(4) the undergraduate that special special skill is like specialty of respect of instrumental music, vocal music, dancing, art.

(5) have adult examination, take an examination of oneself coach experience person.

(6) the person that has foreign language special skill or knowledge, especially small language.

(7) perfectness computer operation and electric person, include the use of application software of a few office.

(8) the person that has experience of all sorts of agonistic bear the palm.

B disposition ability

(1) disposition is optimistic, be good at inspiring, have appeal, have patience.

(2) complaisant, education is good.

(3) be good at check puck.

(4) be good at summing up before teaching experience and rule, the first time try the parent can move when telling.

(5) the experience lesson that is good at using oneself inspires a student, encourage a student, know use affirmation, praise and incentive method.

(6) the advantage that is good at highlighting oneself, promote oneself successfully.

(7) quality is overall, abound character charm, can establish model for student, become its to learn motivation.

(8) domestic condition is not quite good, free-standing self-improvement, conscientious.

If you accord with afore-mentioned A kind with B kind the condition goes to two each, your successful odds is very high.

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