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Undergraduate musician teachs 23 things

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Summer vacation arrived, “ hopes children will have a bright future the parents of ” begin to work again. To let the child can have proficiency in a particular line, they search the artist of beautiful ” of ability of “ price cheap to teach for the child everywhere.
Then, the student of many musical major became summer vacation the best choice of short-term family education.

Amount of family education small advertisement jumps

Tear down more than 10 pieces of small advertisement, cleaner plum eldest sister shakes his head helplessly. Since begin last month, she of responsible before door of Chinese music institute clean job, feel the “ aggravating ” of workload apparently.

“ can have the parent arrive here everyday, everywhere the ad that paste seeks family education. ” plum eldest sister says, her every other clears 3 days two centrally, “ can shovel more than 10 pieces of advertisement every time. ”

“ searchs a student, coach child electron musical instrument. ” yesterday, the reporter sees in courtyard doorway, such small advertisement has more than 10 pieces.

The parent: Heavy female light male high grade suffers bestow favor on

Pass the telephone call on small advertisement, the reporter was contacted among them 10 parents.

Reporter discovery, musical major undergraduate's better essential technique, relatively low price, can man-to-man come to coach become parents to seek the ground that holds undergraduate family education in both hands.

Ms. Liu to go up the daughter of 5 grade asked elementary school big the schoolgirl Xiaozhang of 3 grade, coach technically electronic musical instrument. Child of “ high grade is likely musical base is a few stronger, and the girl has patience, we also are at ease. ” Ms. Liu says.

In 10 parents that cover in the reporter, 7 into the parent specific requirement family education must be high grade student, and the choice that “ asks schoolgirl ” also becomes great majority parent.

Student: Make income of family education month 3000 yuan

Pass company of family education intermediary, the reporter contacts the student of institute of 6 China music. Big the Chen Tongxue of 2 tells a reporter, during summer vacation, have a fellow student really making teaching in home. “ these two days of advisory telephone calls that I also receive 78 parents. She says ” .

The reporter understands, arrangement of course of family education of summer vacation time is weekly 3-4 commonly second, every time two hours, if press horary 100 yuan of computation, undergraduate of a month does family education to be able to earn 3000 yuan or so.

Family education company: Demand adds 3-4 times

Cong Weicai sound teachs the reporter the service center, achieve center of family education of ministry of family education of member of the Imperial Academy of easy education net, sunshine to wait for company of 5 family education to understand, the demand of short-term family education compares the undergraduate of major of the music between heat holiday at ordinary times can much give 3-4 times, among them the demand of the family education such as musical instrument of piano, electron, Gu Zheng is occupied 6 into above.
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