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Family education market moves toward diversification

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Since summer vacation time, family education market more and more present a hot impetus, a lot of parents chose this kind of education to invest way for the child in succession. Meanwhile, the mode of family education also is in ceaselessly get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, develop to diversification direction by traditional simplification. Basically have kind of the following kinds of family education at present:
One, baby-sitter family education.

Do meal, bring a child, teach 1 = of a few ABC, 1 + the thing of 2 and so on, a song is sung to him when the child is grouchy, jump a dance, this is a few old ladies of more than 60 years old are in the requirement that two-way choice invite applications for a job raises some undergraduate family education on the meeting. Among them an old lady leaves gave a bag to eat encase every months of 400 yuan salary, big 2 students jump at invite.

Old lady people say, culture of him it doesn't matter, but today this time, unintelligible ground feels undergraduate and general baby-sitter have very big distinction, look after children in “ the certain respect of ” may compare themselves even than rural girl a few stronger, run boldly to ask an undergraduate to make baby-sitter teaching in home then.

2, should try model family education.

Zealous should try model the parent of family education often knows very well “ all the different kind all inferior, only the good sense of fractional tall ” , the crisis of enter a higher school is faced in his child, they were made the actualest the most rational choice, invite once patience behead 6 will the undergraduate opens special mess to the child.

Mr Wu of 46 years old says, he is the undergraduate at the beginning of 80 time, understand the malpractice that should try education clearly, but in at present this kind of state falls, he thinks to take an exam or suit the method of Chinese national condition most. He says his son result is right, just have on study slant division phenomenon, if do not ask family education take lessons after school, the affirmation when the university entrance exam can eat to have a deficit greatly. Then, this summer vacation he was arranged to the child every week the family education time of 12 hours, need every months to invest 750 yuan about.

3, influence family education.

So-called effect family education lets an undergraduate move namely excellent in come, besides coach child learning, besides the recreation of responsible arrangement child and motion, undertake the thought of manner and enterprising spirit respect is taught study even, this kind of form basically gets the welcome of parent of a few pupil. As a result of the integrated quality to family education teacher, especially thought quality demand is higher, the parent asks to apply for a student to offer resume commonly. Come from a country, article the undergraduate that learns to hold actor concurrently is competing when this kind of family education relatively be very popular.
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