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Lesson of the piano on nursery school and the advantages and disadvantages that

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List of a piece of small-sized performance discovered in the music of nursery school student, see the child that always learns in nursery school, degree of spiccato music purpose, compare the child that learns outside generally shallow. Began to look there is bit of without discrepancy in the heart, think oneself work hard from beginning to end, how can you appear deviation? Wanted to sum up the following.
1. In the child of nursery school study, because parent job is busy,having a lot of is, save time to go to the lavatory, put all sorts of interest classes in nursery school to unite so went up, having a lot of parents so do not accompany the child to attend class. The study content of class of full red-letter day needs 4.5. Year old him child will digest solve, take pain to a bit really. The child learns time in what remember repeatedly paragraph, need engrafts ceaselessly reduplicative knowledge. But because the parent also does not understand,attend class content, bad to practice is accompanied in the home. This is to cause a cause with slower rate of progress. In the student that attends class in me, the child rate of progress that the student that the parent accompanies should attend class than independence is rapid, a lot of faster even. But the child that attends class independently first and last, understanding remembers the ability that look music to wait a moment, on coequal degree, should compare accompanied child ability strong. This also is the result of him independence harden oneself.
2. In the child of lesson of the piano on outside school, going up somehow, it is the parent thinks the child has certain education outlook, there perhaps is directional education hope in the home, or him child has in interest respect express. Such families just move toward viatic learning musical instrument jointly, from make great efforts, build energy to wait a respect a moment to have quite high investment. Expectation has effort to be able to have results. But the above of half the number of domestic at least that learns in nursery school, it is exercise of musical instrument of domestic type electron. Because the parent returns inaccuracy to decide the child to whether there will be directional investment in musical respect henceforth, develop. So such family is holding the state of mind that have a try in the arms to learn commonly, be to one is build on certain level without the style of work that takes. Attend class in the exercise so a class, not quite careful serious. Reason is not to give the child too much pressure, make them free develop. Arrive from investment results, the law becomes direct ratio.
3. The piano education of major nursery school is class of the children education that recruit full-time piano teacher, on the persons qualified to teach, give out achievement created certain obstacle. I do not deny the education manner of children education teacher, also do not deny the piano level of children education teacher. Because of the primary piano knowledge of all children, the teacher of the piano that to major has learned will tell be more than sufficient. But, children education teacher cannot be being compared with photograph of professional piano teacher on piano education. Because what they learn major,be different. One is cheeper the development of each respects, one is the research of piano major. Both it is parallel. The child start that attends class in nursery school so seeks professional teacher with respect to meeting comparing a bit short a step. (but the advantage that also has nursery school)
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