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Teacher full name: Yan Aiping
Teacher sexual distinction: Female
Can teach course: Elementary school, first high school English
The school: Yangzhou university
Professional: English education
Now the identity: On-the-job teacher
The time of family education: In the evening, on the weekend
The area of family education: Yangzhou urban district
Expectation pay: 30 yuan horary at least
Issue date: 2008-10-13
Other specification: Only branch of English of him the university entrance exam 137, contest of ability of English of countrywide high school student is won when high school second-class award; The astral trials that countrywide English obtains when the university is second-class award, school level first prize learns level of gold, school 3 good students, outstanding graduate gainer. From after teaching, also be for many times in match of education of level of city, area, paper bear the palm.

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